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saucers over washington by frankforte

(via betakat)

(via betakat)


'Blood Moon' is here: Rare lunar eclipse to be visible from Earth

For the first time in more than two years, Americans will have a chance to see a total lunar eclipse – an event made even more exciting by the fact that a very rare “blood moon” will also be viewable in the sky.

The lunar eclipse will begin early Tuesday morning at 12:53 a.m., when the Earth will start to move in between the sun and the moon. Once the moon becomes completely blanketed by the Earth’s shadow, however – around 3 a.m. – this eclipse will become even more interesting: the moon will be covered in a red or orange light. 

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The sobering truth is when the oil is gone… the maximum energy we will ever be able to use is what the sun can photosynthetically give us in a day… There is no ‘next’ to cure our oil addiction. There is only the realization that eventually we will have to drastically change our energy consumption, and our way of life. We will have to abandon capitalist dictated expansion and opt for systems of locality with our primary focus on sustainable living.

Nothing grows forever.


Visions of Greys.